Saturday, April 28, 2007


Have you ever watched the movie G.I. Jane? I watched it for the first time today, and I really enjoyed it! Typical underdog-does-well movie, with an excellent performance from Demi Moore!

The plot was a bit contrived, but everyone needs mindless movies sometimes right? If you ever need a movie that's gritty, inspiring and exciting, try this sometime. Warning : some parts are a bit brutal (it is Navy SEALS Special Ops training after all)!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Garden Gang.

Do you remember these characters?
They are part of the GARDEN GANG, a series of books by Ladybird. I remember reading them when I was young, and being amazed it was written by a 9-year-old girl, Jayne Fisher. I always wanted to be an author, although my writing skills have definitely been dulled by the years of corporate paper pushing and policy writing. haha!

C borrowed the book "Penelope Strawberry" from the kindergarten library and I was so happy to see this book after decades! Hope this picture brings back fond childhood memories for you! If anyone could tell me where I can find this series of books in Singapore, please let me know.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank you.

(this is going to be the 5th time I try to post this!)

The Fontwerks event is finally over, after months of preparation! I can't say I'm elated, because I do feel a tinge of wistfulness now that it's over! Relieved, I definitely am! We had our share of glitches and near-heart-attack-moments, but fortunately for us, everthing turned out well at the end of the day!
We could not have done this without the belief and trust of our customers, family and friends. I am so grateful for your support! I just wanna say, "Thank you."

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I'm so excited!"

A mix of excitement, nervousness, stress and anticipation all in one - that's how I'm feeling right now. It's been a busy week, preparing for Fun with Fontwerks! and all. I'm really crossing my fingers and toes for it to turn out well. It's something I never thought we'd actually manage to pull off, and it'll be here in 2 days!

Today, I also did my Parent Involvement Group (PIG) session at the kids' kindy. And C's teacher was so nice as to let her pink group go for the Mini Pancakes cooking session! That sure made my day (and C's)!

Here's the recipe for Mini Pancakes (recipe makes approximately 6 medium pancakes):
(Time taken: 30 mins with a group of 5 kids. Probably just 15 if it's you and your kid :))

125gm self-raising flour
50gm sugar
1 tsp vegetable oil
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1) Mix sifted flour and sugar into mixing bowl.
2) Create a 'well' and pour in lightly beaten egg. Mix well.
3) Add in 1/2 cup milk and 1 tsp vegetable oil and mix well.
4) Heat up pan. Spoon mixture onto pan and cook till golden brown.

Voila! To add flavour, sift some icing sugar over the finished pancakes, or serve with ice-cream or maple syrup!

Monday, April 16, 2007

A gracious society

Singapore is a gracious, really! Here's my story:

Yesterday, while shopping at VivoCity, I received a call on my handphone, from my family doctor's nurse! She told me that I had dropped my wallet, and someone picked it up, found the doctor's receipt and called the doctor to locate me! The finder had left her mobile number for me to call her back, which I did, and it turned out she was in the exact same shop (in the kids department) less than 3 metres away from me. Nothing was missing from the wallet, and I was really grateful! Imagine...cancelling my credit cards, remaking my identity card, driving licence etc would have been one big tedious task!

See, I'm quite sure if I'd dropped my purse in another crowded shopping centre, in another country, I'd have lost it for good! So, I'm glad I lost it in Singapore! (lol). Must be more careful though!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Good mail day!

Thanks everyone for your concern! My foot is feeling much better after my experience at the Chinese sinseh, which was what I would describe as "near-childbirth-pain"! Thankfully, my ankle was not fractured, as suspected, as I am able to walk 70% normally now :)

Can you believe dh has not reached Taiwan yet? It's been 3 days already! I can't imagine being at sea for so long, without a break. Well, I hope this makes up for it :P

Had a good mail day today! Lovely goodies for TVC arrived. Can't wait to play with them. Hope to get them uploaded over the next couple of days, but this is really bugging me! Grrrr.

Fun with Fontwerks takes place next Saturday. Time sure flies! I can't believe it's going to happen for real!!

Friday, April 6, 2007


DH left for Taiwan today. He'll be gone for 3 weeks, and I've already given him my shopping list!

In other news, today I sprained my foot! I took some cough medicine before taking a nap, and when I woke up, one of my legs was 'dead'! In a futile attempt to balance myself, I landed on my ankle (ouch!). Now, it hurts like hell and I have to walk super slowly. The Chinese sinsehs were all closed today, so I'll have to find one tomorrow. Bah! I hope I can still manage to visit Centrepoint though. I'm just dying to visit the new Robinsons.

Stuck at level 55 of Weffriddles. Any hints appreciated.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday Mum!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


....has taken over my life. That's all I have to say.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Catching up.

Two posts in a day! Am I catching up or what? Firstly, I wanted to upload some pics of a mini-album I did. I meant to submit it for a mini-album challenge, but the deadline came and went before I knew it. Nevertheless, here it is:
(Cover inspired by Ali Edwards, album using AC and Fontwerks papers.)

Next, I wanted to share with everyone some stuff I bought this weekend! Was in need of some retail therapy, so here are pics of *some* items I got

1) An old hardcover storybook from a garage sale nearby: $1.00

2) A Crumpler camera bag : $104
3) Some vintage buttons - $30.00

Add these to a James Patterson book, Marks & Spencer chocolate, and Shu Uemura make-up, and I definitely spent too much this weekend. But I'm one happy gal! And that's priceless :)

ETA: Sis introduced me to this game.
WARNING: Do not click the link unless you have nothing better to do!

Shiny Happy Faces.

Report on school bus ride. Everything went GREAT! (except for the bus driver getting a bit lost.)

I went home at about 11.25 am to wait for the bus with my camera! After pacing up and down for about 20 minutes ( almost noon sun :P) the long-awaited bus came into view! When the bus door opened, the kids piled excitedly out of the bus! They were shiny with sweat (I wonder why?) and smiling with happiness! Everyone said the ride was "fun" and "good". A was even able to give directions to the bus driver who lost his way inside the estate. :) Let's hope the enthusiasm lasts!

Cheers to the kids! Hip, hip, hooray!

PS: If you're thinking of getting a 4D number, how does '5411' sound?