Sunday, January 11, 2009

Growing up.

Time flies, it's mid-Jan and soon it'll be CNY! The clearest sign of it to me is Jamie's development. From a helpless, skinny new born just 16 weeks ago, she's bloomed into a chatty, happy, responsive, chubby girl who's learning to turn and lift up her head! She can also show excitement when she see a toy she likes (like things which make noise and with flashing lights). I also brought her to the pool this week just to touch the water and see her reaction. Some pictures:

Jamie staring at her mobile:Lifting her head so I can take her pic today:

Not liking the cold water at the pool:

And just so this post is not so Jamie-heavy, here's a pic of her siblings and cousins taken on the last day of 2008:
Chelsea is settling in well to P2 - I can sense the increased workload already (and it's onlyweek 2). Ryan is doing well in K2 - I don't think he gets that he'll be P1 next year! But well, I guess I've still got 11.5 more months to do it!