Sunday, February 1, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle.

Well, thats what the kids have been saying this entire weekend, ever since a very generous Grandma bought each of them a top-of-the-line (based on price , I think it is at least :P) bicycle! C got a Trek Mystic 20, while R got a spider-themed (he's really into spidey-stuff) Specialized Hotrock 16".

After 1 day, and countless rounds around the house, along the path outside and around the park, I'm glad to report that R can already ditch his training wheels! After some training on 2 wheels, R put back his training wheels, only to realize he could not balance properly. The solution was clear - remove the training wheels which were heavy and impeding his speed and balance. And voila! Off he went! C still needs a bit of coaxing and I'm hoping to wean her off the wheels by the March hols.

I formally started J on solid food yesterday.She's been waking up twice a night and finishing entire 4-oz bottles, so I gathered she's ready for some solid food. Starting off with organic brown rice cereal, she seems to be taking it well. Already last night she only woke up once! Informally, she's already been fed scraped apple, scraped prune, scraped chinese pear and today, tiny pieces of sweet potato :P I can't wait to include more stuff into her diet!

Well, if anything, these only go to show how fast time flies. At 16 wks, J was 7.4 kg. She's due for her 2nd round of vaccinations next week, so we'll see how much she's grown again!

Till the next update, Happy Birthday everyone! (Today is Ren2 Ri4!)