Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby J!

Today we found out that no. 3 is a girl! We'd decided on a name starting with 'J' and since it's a girl, she will be called Jamie! I'm not too particular what the name means, but it's like the only one that me & dh can agree on at the moment, so that's that. :) We did not want a name that was too common (for example....Ryan :>) and something that no one would have difficulty pronouncing. And most importantly, somethingthat sounds nice to us! So, Jamie it is for now.

Today, I bought her first piece of pink clothing! I'm going to be careful not to overbuy this time (especially clothes - because who ever stops shopping for girls' clothes right?) but I do plan to stock up on baby equipment during the upcoming Great Singapore Sale!

Any ideas where is a good one-stop place to shop?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We got back from KL on Monday afternoon! All said, it was a good trip! It was the first time that I took a bus up to KL and the experience wasn't half bad! :) The kids had a good time at the theme park and the bus (with the other kids), and for me, the best part must have been the time I spent at Pavilion shopping mall...where I escaped after merely 45 mins with 1 pair of shoes and 4 tops! (that's what speed shopping must be like, without kids!)

Tomorrow, I will be going to my scan, and hopefully I will be able to find out if no. 3 is a boy or girl! (I'm into details like that.) My bet is on a girl, as I've got nice complexion and no swollen nose so far, but maybe every pregnancy is different. I've no real preference, as long as baby is normal and healthy.

One more month and we're off to Perth. I can't wait to stay here, and escape the searing 30+ degree heat that has been torturing us! Grrrr...

And just because I haven't posted a picture for so long, here's one of a Ryan's bedtime buddies in his kindergarten uniform:

Happy Wednesday and rest of the week!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The tooth fairy will be coming!

Today, Chelsea dropped her first tooth. It's the bottom left front tooth! Strangely, she never mentioned anything about it being shaky, and during breakfast this morning, the maid passed me the tooth saying it dropped out! There was no blood or anything, and no pain (according to her), just a dropping of the tooth.

C's a bit nervous about the whole thing, although I've reassured her it's part and parcel of growing up! (After all, many of her classmates even in kindergarten have dropped teeth already!). Anyway, I told her the tooth fairy will be coming tonight to exchange her tooth with a present (courtesy of Page One at Vivo City haha!) and she is kind of looking forward to that.

Photos to come! (It was just too early at 6.10 am to be taking pics! :P)

ETA: (21May) Sorry, still no pics :P

On an unrelated note, I've been starving the whole morning! Even after I had a tuna sandwich at 6 am, and beehoon courtesy of Lisa at 8.15 am. Grrrr! (that's the sound of my frustration, not my stomach growling!). I hope to visit Tangs later today, to enjoy their 12% rebate for card holders. heh heh. All this shopping even though we're headed to KL this long weekend!! I guess I am really incorrigible!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Latest crazes.

Recently, I've been caught up in all kinds of beauty-related crazes. Now I don't spend so much money on clothes, I tend to spend my money elsewhere. (This is horrible, right? Why can't I just save money instead of spending it!)

Things I've been crazy about:
1. Make up. All kinds, from mineral make-up, to cheap drugstore brands, to expensive department store brands, to false eyelashes (yes, I can barely believe it myself).

2. Hair care products. Having just coloured and permed my hair in the last 2 months, I've become rather obsessed with having the right conditioner and shampoo to maintain my hair. (My hair costs me quite a bit so I figure, just spend a bit more to maintain it! Is this called rationalisation?)

3. Skin care. I just blew quite a bit at Metro's 20% storewide sale last weekend. All in the good name of stocking up since it's 20% off and you hardly get 20% off for skincare right? (Rationalisation again?)

I should be saving up, especially with another kid on the way. I have given/thrown away most of my baby things like cots, playpens etc, and probably need to 'invest' in some capital expenditure for the kid. But, I haven't bought anything for the baby yet, wondering if there will be another "Sale Worth Waiting" for between now and September?

My next doctor's visit is on 22 May, and hopefully I"ll get to find out whether I'm having a girl or boy. I half suspect it's a girl, 'cos my skin has been glowing and nice, but then again, it could be due to the large amount of skin care products I've been lavishing on my face and the copious amounts of sleep I've been getting each night. haha! I've started to feel the baby kick since last week, especially when I settle down to sleep. Quite an incredible feeling! :)