Monday, September 14, 2009

Time to remember.

I just thought it was time to come back to this blog, to remember in more detail, what has been happening since May when I last blogged.

As 16th sept draws closer, I can't help but reflect on how my life has changed the past year. I've become adept at packing a diaper bag when I go out (everything is done in 5 mins tops), any stretch of sleep of at last 5 hours is good enough for me, and I'm eating faster than ever before. Lest this all sounds too negative, the joy that Jolly Jamie (as she's nicknamed by her siblings) has brought into our life is immeasurable. Her cute antics ("funny face!") and reactions are so fun to look at, and her smile brings happiness to me even at moments when I feel so down. Watching her sleep is the best way to end my day, and hearing her happy yelps over the phone monitor when she wakes up each morning is a definite highlight too. I love watching my three kids play together, be it crawling around the yard, or pulling down and putting up luminous stickers on the wall (J pulls them down and C & R put them up). It may be a cliche, but I can't imagine life without her.

Ryan is growing up super fast too. His spidey pajamas is finally getting short (those long pants are now more 3/4 pants!) and he has just started wearing glasses. I noticed him squinting at the TV a couple of weeks back, and brought him to an opthalmologist to have his eyes checked. True enough, his degree was 175/225 with some astigmatism! Quite bad for a 6 year old. So we got him fitted with a pair of spectacles and he seems happy to be wearing them. At least most of the time. Lifestyle changes have to be made - less 'near work' (reading, nintendo, TV at close range) and more 'far work' (running, cycling, outdoor activities.) As primary 1 draws nearer for him, I can't help but feel anxious about how he will cope with his new school, new friends, etc. I just hope and pray that he will have the ability to meet any challenges he faces , and that I will have the wisdom, patience and strength to guide him.

Chelsea, my first born. She's already 8. It seems just yesterday she was in kindergarten, and now she's going to be sitting for her first streaming exam. I should feel some stress, but the truth is, I hardly prepared her for the coming exam. I hope I don't regret it. Somehow, I trust that she will be able to do what's needed for her studies, this studious and hardworking girl. I worry more about her social and character development. How can I make her tougher, to fight for the right things, and not get upset if she doesn't get them? How do I show her what is important in life? I fear that I may have missed some of these important lessons along the way, sidetracked by the 'need' to complete this or that worksheet, rush for this or that event, etc. For her, I hope that the coming year will lead to more maturity, to the ability to deal with things that don't go her way, and for her to grow in confidence and leadership.

Hey...i'm blabbering. haha. I can hear the three of them shrieking downstairs! Time for me to get off this computer!