Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to Sunny Singapore

Yes, time has flown and we're back from our trip to Perth, Australia! It was a fun-filled 4.5 days for us, and what an experience it was. It's not the first time we've been to Perth, but the couple of days we spent at Pumphill Farm were really eye-opening. Think gathering firewood in the middle of the night, kindling your own fire, and having a whole variety of animals just a stroll away to feed! The farm and cottages were nice, but the drive was really long! For some reason, I can't post pictures from the office, so that'll have to wait.)
The next couple of days were spent in Perth city itself. We're really city folk at heart (I think) and by this time I was really looking forward to seeing some shopping malls. Not that I bought a lot of stuff, but I didn't have to touch my credit card till the last half day! Not bad eh! (No thanks to the extremely high exchange rate and winter season.) I was happy I got a few flannel blankets for Jamie, 'cos I was having difficulty finding them in Singapore. I also got some Jurlique stuff from the duty free store (yah, can't stop shopping even at the airport. I swear I can't walk through any duty-free store without picking up something...anything!) and they're really divine!

Back to reality though..and school starts in a few days. Now, where did all the school holidays go!?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shopping and selling!

We did some shopping the past couple of weeks in preparation for Jamie's arrival. Recently I haven't been feeling so tired, and on the contrary have been feeling rather energetic! Hence, I've also been decluttering the house a bit, getting rid of stuff which I won't be using / have not used. It feels quite therapeutic but frankly, my heart also aches at the amount of stuff which I threw/gave away....

I'm also selling some old toys and stuff on a forum I frequent, and will list them on ebay as well! (Or I hope to do so today :P) I hope I can sell some of them to finance my new purchases, which include a new cot, new feeding stuff, new baby bath tub etc. The list seems endless but I think I have got maybe 75% of the stuff sorted out! Phew! here are some pics of the stuff I'm selling:

Aprica Pram:

Glenn Doman Flashcards:Thomas the Train Play Table:

Interested in any of them ? hehe... drop me a note if you are! (ETA: i can't seem to sell them on ebay!! Bleah!)

We're headed to Australia next week and I'm looking forward to it! The kids have been enjoying their school holidays, mostly either at the office or at home, but whaddya know, in just 2 more weeks, it's back to school again!! Bleah!!