Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yes, that's what's been bugging me the past few days. Started off with a mild sore throat last week, then developed into a night-time-only running nose, then finally erupted into a full-blown blocked-runny-nose-sore-throat-cough illness two days ago.

The worst thing is that while there are many medicines out there capable of controlling these symptoms, many of these medicines contain drugs not suitable for use in pregnancy. The doctor has prescribed some safe medicines, which don't really do the job, but I guess I just have to hang on and hope it will pass for the sake of baby j!

On the home front, C & R have taken to my ballooning waistline well. The son calls it "the biggest tummy button in the world" and my daughter says "it's even bigger than a house!" That's not really true, in fact until a few weeks ago, some people I meet regularly did not even know I was preggie! Heh heh. I don't want to put on too much weight this round, in case I never lose it all! :P So far, I've gained about 7 kg, but the doc says in the last 2 months, I might gain another 5-6 kg! Bleah!