Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's X'mas Eve!

I can't believe that it'll be Christmas tomorrow! 2008 passed by in a flash. One year ago, we were at Insadong, having a lovely BBQ dinner with Korean friends, followed by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the lobby of our serviced apartment, soaking in the lovely wintry atmosphere.

This year, I'm spending a quiet X'mas eve at home. Baby J slept early, and R&C will be going to bed at 10 pm or so. Probably me too - sleep is so precious to me nowadays! haha - I'll have to wake up at 3-4 am! :P As 2008 draws to a close, these are some of the more memorable momentsthis year: C starting primary school, the closing of our online store The Velvet Cat, and last but certainly not least, the arrival of Baby j!

Baby J is growing real quickly, she's so cute to play with sometimes, responding when you talk to her or sing to her, and smiling when carried in a standing position on my shoulders! I'll post some pics soon to update!

School resumes in a couple of weeks for R and C (Where did the loooooong holiday go?) and then it's back to the daily schedule/grindstone. While that adds certain structure to our days, I'm sure I (and they) will miss the holidays dearly. Days of doing nothing except playing (for them), sleeping (relatively) late for me.... sigh.. we must look forward to the March school holidays!

This Christmas, I hope for peace and happiness for everyon and that my children grow up strong, happy and healthy. I'm still thinking about my 2009 resolutions - hopefully I'll have something to post on New Year's Eve!

Merry Christmas everyone!

ETA: I've been using my new bag. It feels great to carry it, is big enough to fit my necessities (big fat overloaded Ferragamo wallet, handphone, exploding card case, tissue, lipstick, and small card holder.) scratches yet! *touch wood*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I did it.

I took the plunge and got my Xmas/Bday/Anniversary/Baby present yesterday. I'm glad I did - no more agonising about stock and what material/colour etc to get it in. After all, it's probably something I would have paid full price for. I love it, the soft leather, the gleaming metal hardware, the size, how it looks on me - it's perfect! hahah! There're no pics for now, because it's nicely wrapped up in Chanel wrapping paper and also because I am a tardy photo uploader!

I'm grateful for DH's decisiveness ("just get it, lah, then you dont have to think so hard everyday!") and also his supportiveness in my choices. ("Just get the material you love, so what if it gets scratched. It's worse if you don't use it.") Sometimes marrying someone so different from yourself makes things easier (though it also makes things hard sometimes). In difficult decisions, I always find myself asking dh what to do, and often, the ease with which he makes the decision makes the whole thing crystal clear to me too.

ETA: Credit also to my friends who goaded me to the right decision! haha!

So...for my bag, I'll use it! No keeping in the cupboard etc. :) I can't wait until Dec 16th when I can open it! Heehee!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

...this. A jumbo classic flap in lambskin with gold hardware from Chanel. (The picture is more of caviar/calfskin material I think). I am agonising long and hard about it. It costs a lot (probably the single most expensive item I own aside from my house I think!), and comes in so many variations. Should I get the medium or large/jumbo? Medium would be great for evenings, whereas the large would also work well for day time. Should I get it in calfskin or lambskin? Calfskin is hardier and more scratch resistant, but lambskin feels soooooo buttery smooth and looks so nice. HOwever, it is prone to scratches and needs more baby-ing. Should I get the gold hardware or silver hardware? I thought silver would be it, but when I tried on the gold, I was also attracted by it.

What makes the decision so much harder is the price of it. Should I get something where I would use frequently to amortise the cost over time? Or something which I use rarely due to the high cost of the item?

After a few days and nights of thought, I kind of decided on the size, material and hardware colour of my 4-in-1 present (J's birth, my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and Christmas). Now, thinking whether I should get it this weekend, or wait for the DBS Black Card sale..what if there is no stock?? Decisions, decisions...