Sunday, March 15, 2009

An eventful March (so far)

I'm seldom compelled to blog about something so badly, but events of the past couple of days are eventful enough for me to want to blog them!

Let's start with 2nd March, R's 6th birthday. We didn't have a party this year, but we did go to the zoo, Sentosa, and Vivocity all within the span of 3 days at the request of the birthday boy. His 6th came and went rather quietly, with just the family celebrating for him. I guess what is most important is that he enjoyed himself. Things I want to remember about him at six:

1) His happy-go-lucky nature. He is generally a good natured kid, and nothing seems to faze him (more on this later).
2) His prone-ness to accidents. My dear son perpetually has many bruises on his shins and of all the kids, is most likely to fall or hurt himself. I attribute this to his over-adventurous nature and fearlessness.
3) He rode a 2-wheel bike before six.
4) He has a bright mind, and can achieve a lot once he puts his mind to it. (The problem is really how to get him to put his mind to it.)
5) He really loves me. :)

Soon after, J's first tooth sprouted! C & R's first teeth only came when they were one year old, so I was really surprised to see/feel her first tooth so early! As they say, every child is different, I guess that explains her great desire to chew all stuff (her most loved being paper.)

OK, now on the the main part of the eventful March story. We planned for a March holiday to Bintan (again) as we chanced upon a great promotion for our favourite Angsoka villa. On the way there, I realised I had forgotten to pack part of my breast pump to pump milk for Jamie. I really dreaded the thought of hand-expressing (J has not latched onfor a long while!) but since I planned to stop, I thought this was a good opportunity. Of course, at that point I had no idea how tough hand-expressing was.

Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, while waiting for the last of the bags to be checked out, I turned around and suddenly saw blood streaming out of R's nose (see what I mean by accident prone). I think I was more frantic than him (he's unfazed at this point!). Turns out he was playing with a trolley that hit him resulting in the nose bleed. Fortunately, the blood flow stemmed after a while and he carried on as usual.

The first night, Jamie came down with a fever. I'm not sure what caused it..maybe it was the flu bug carried around by her siblings, or her first foray into the pool- but she had a restless sleep and had to be given medicine. Her crankiness carried on, and I decided to cut short our trip to come back early as I really wasn't in topform to deal with it and wanted easy access to medical advice and all other stuff in case of an emergency.

Hence, here I am now at home, writing this down while she is in her cot. I'm just glad to be back although I miss my C & R! But, they dont miss me...they're already asking when they can go back again!!