Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

To me, at least. I'm planning to set up the tree today, plus i've got part of my gift/shopping list sorted out! *yay* With the economic downturn, my budget this year is smaller (not that I ever really had a budget, but just trying to be prudent here :P)... C gets a box set of Mallory Towers books, R gets a Titanic book, and I'm still thinking about some others. Hehee maybe just a cheap surprise for them to open on the actual day? Baby J will probably get some rattle-y toy or a car seat (that's more practical than anything!)

Dec is also my birthday month, so here's my wish list:
1) An eyebrow shaping package
2) A belt (my clothes don't fit well nowadays :( )
3) Unlimited retail therapy (any sugar daddies/mummies out there? hahaha!)
4) Some really good books
5) Some hair/makeup related stuff
6) Something unique/handmade that I can use
7) A state of the art laptop with all the relevant bells and whistles (preferably lightweight and nice to look at too)
8) A holiday to Australia (I'll take a raincheck till next year!)
9) A new wardrobe!

On the not-so-fun side, I went back to work last week, with J in tow. She proceeded promptly to have a fever and swelling on her thighs after her vaccinations last week. She's better now, but still not very used to the office I think. Of course, it doesnt help that C and R are having school hols now, so the maids can't handle all three plus housework at home. So I'm stretched trying to give equal time to all. Sometimes I wonder whether I can do this, but when I see my kids happy (even J, who can give a great smile now!) it's all worth it! Just have to grin and bear it for a few more months and things will get better!

Talking abt J, she did well in Bintan (her first holiday!) Spent most of the time sleeping, even at night, so that was good! I hope to visit Australia when she turns 6 mths next year. Hopefully it will be even easier then! She's not really sleeping through the night yet, although she can manage 5-6 hours a stretch usually at night. This too, will pass!

So...what is on your wish list this year for the holiday season?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We're going on a holiday.

Yep, it's the school hols! At least, it's begun for C, while R's will begin in less than 2 weeks time! We're going to Bintan (again) as we managed to snag a good deal for the Angsoka villa. Then again to Sentosa in December. I'm sure the bigger kids will enjoy themselves as usual. As for baby J, I'm not sure how she will take to it. Me...i've got a packing list about a mile long I think! Diapers, milk bottles, inflatable tub etc etc. I've never travelled with a 2 mth old baby so it will be an experience for me too.

Here's baby J's passport photo (taken by me, no less. ahah!). Doesn't she look adorable? Actually, I think she's turning out to look more like her brother. heh..they have this 'old' look about them. :)
She's 7 weeks plus now, and last week, she actually slept through the night. It's not a constant yet (she still wakes up once a night most of the time) but definitely an encouraging sign! She also has more or less set her body clock to wake up at 7.30 am, so I'm quite pleased at how things are going. Time flies, and I can't wait for the day when she can sit up unassisted, crawl, and play with us.

The past couple of weeks also saw the two elder ones having their concerts. C's was a relatively low key one held at her school hall, while R's was the typical Ascension concert, lots of glitz, music, makeup, and as usual, a great show to behold. Here are their pics taken with Mummy:

We also had a blast on Halloween, visiting Woodgrove Avenue near the American school. We're definitely going back again next year, and that means, I have ONE year to think about my costume for next Halloween!