Thursday, August 14, 2008


Again, it's been a while since my last update. Most of the time, just can't find the inclination to blog or upload photos (my D40's been acting up since Perth and I haven't fixed it. Bleah!)

My dear daughter turned 7 last week, and we had a great weekend at Sentosa! (It's now her favourite place in Singapore!) She had a party for her classmates at Build-a-Bear Workshop the week before, so that concludes the birthday celebrations! I can't believe she's already 7, when I look at her, she still has the same baby face, but now more defined facial structure and framed by longer and fuller hair. The next thing I know, she'll be getting married I think! :P

Jamie weighed in at 2.5 kg at 32 weeks, which according to my doctor (aka Dr Doom) is too big. So, I was tested to gestational diabetes and it seems that I *do* have it. Bleah! So, I have to go for some clinic next week to learn how to manage it, or else I may end up with a 4 kg baby at birth. This doc of mine really knows how to bear the bad news (he's always telling me about worst case scenarios), I really regret changing to him! (my previous gynae doesn't do deliveries anymore...sob sob) Anyway, another few weeks to go, and I won't have to bear with him anymore!