Thursday, October 22, 2009

Up at night.

How surprising that I'm up at this time. Had a power nap while putting J to bed now am bright-eyed at 1045pm. I wish I could stay up really late tonite, with a great book, nice music, and nobody to bother me :) I could, I guess, except that I've still got to wake up at 6.30 am tomorrow and get ready for weekday madness. (It could be worse - if C had school I'd be up at 545 am)

So here I am, trying to do some blogging. (I'm also trying hard to eliminate exclamation marks from my posts.) Could Jamie's first meaningful words be "no more"? She has this cute action, raising both hands and moving her fingers, saying "no more" when something she is doing/watching disappears (e.g. end of her favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show). So cute! (Other vocab words - mum-mum, geii, tei-tei-tei..but they don't mean much I think)

We're headed to Japan in 9 days and I'm so excited! (I think an exclamation mark is justified here.) It's been a while since we really went anywhere really different and new, and i've invested hours (if not days) on research about Tokyo.... but that said, think I'll relax and go with the flow! Holidays are meant to be fun, not stressful right?

Other exciting things - R's final K2 concert is also in 9 days and i'm feeling both sad and excited. AK puts up the most amazing concerts and it'll be the last time for me seeing any of my kids in such a big-scale production. (The plan is for J to attend nearby schools, rather than AK when the time comes). Then it'll be his graduation on 18th Nov, and then P1 orientation on 21st Nov!

Chelsea did quite well for her exams this year, considering how much (little) effort we put in this year. There'll be streaming at her school and my only requirement is that she make it into the top 3 classes (out of total of 6 classes in P3) I think she'll be fine! We'll never really find out I guess, as the school has a policy of not revealing the order of classes.

That's all for now. Time for more mindless surfing until I feel sleepy again....

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Hui Leng said...

Have a good trip in Japan!! I am sure everyone will have fun!! ( See I use exclamation marks liberally as well) :P