Monday, May 4, 2009

Ma-y already?

I have definitely fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I don't really know what I have been up to - probably the mundane day to day stuff that makes up life. (These include work, child care, planning for company trip, obsessing with designer bags -for now it's Balenciaga, makeup (Clea De Peau makeup base) and car shopping..)

We just got back from our 3N2D cruise to nowhere on Star Cruise Superstar Virgo and the kids had a whale of a time. In fact, upon return, C & R slept for 4 hours straight! Only J was unaffected, still keeping to her half-hour naps. Thankfully, she wakes up for at most once a night nowadays.

C's exams start tomorrow, and I have just been informed that R's excursion tomorrow to Mediacorp is cancelled due to the swine flu 'epidemic'. Poor R, he was so disappointed as he was really looking forward to it (and the fact that I would be fetching him back after the excursion.)

J is starting to babble (just today, she started with ma-ma-ma-ma and pa-pa-pa) and move (she tends to move in a circle, not really crawling yet.) Her hair is curlier than ever, and it is a mystery how it got that way. That is what most people comment on about her. :)

I am looking forward to our Melbourne trip next month, although I'm not sure if our plans will eventually fall through with the swine flu and what not! *Cross fingers & toes*.

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